Starfield Simulation presents: Scaniaparken 2002–2011

måndag 15 augusti 2011

Starfield Simulation # ∞

The final and 10:th concert was held 4. September 2011.
Starfield Simulation has hereby completed the sequence of interventions in the field of landscape and music that started in 2001.

See below for full roster of events at Rooseum, Galleri Ping-Pong, Ausland Berlin, Sthlm Terrassen, Sonar Festival 2003, Norberg Festivalen 2002/2004, Hausmusik @ Hennings lägenhet på Dalaplan et al.
STARFIELD SIMULATION curated and produced by Frans Gillberg 2001-2011
Scaniaparken project co-produced by Mathias Holmberg LAIKA
2004 /FULL PULL 2005-2007
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Subsidized by Malmö Stad

måndag 19 april 2010


Participating artists

Sound installations 2004–11

2011. Jana Winderen (N)
2010. Alvin Lucier (US) realized by Anne Wellmer (NL)
2009. Christina Kubish (DE)
2008. Brandon LaBelle & Ken Ehrlich (US)
2007. Petteri Nisunen & Tommi Grönlund (FI), FM3 (CH), Lina Selander
2006. Andreas Bertilsson, Johannes Heldén, Abinadi Meza (US), Henrik Rylander
2004. Jon Eriksen, Frans Gillberg, Johan Gustafsson, Mathias Kristersson, Andreas Kurtsson, Åsa Ståhl

Live performances 2002–11

2011. Oren Ambarchi  (AU),  Crys Cole (CAN)
2010. Rhys Chatham (US/F)
2009. Rafael Toral (P), David Stackenäs/Martin Küchen
2008. Francisco Lopéz (ES), Birgit Ulher (DE)
2007. Jóhann Jóhannsson + Hildur Gudnadottir (IS), VerheverbekeWiderberg
2006. Ekkehard Ehlers (DE), Minit (DE/AU)
2005. The Idealist, Fria Konstellationen
2004. BJ Nielsen, Dead Letters Spell out Dead Words
2003. Erik Mikael Karlsson, Mathias Kristersson
2002. Ronnie Sundin, Son Of Clay

Starfield Simulation Archive
Artists 2001–2005 performing at Rooseum Centre for Contemporary Art, Malmö
Curated by Frans Gillberg
Assisted by Andreas Nordström, Ronnie Sundin, Andras Kurtsson och Henning Lundkvist
Co-operation with Lab, Electrohype, Sveriges Radio, Galleri Neon and Ping Pong.

Roel Meelkop (Trente Oiseaux, Staalplaat) NL
Reynols (Trente Oiseaux, Drone Records) ARG
Phill Niblock (Touch) US
Thomas Ankersmit (Various) NL
Jan Jelinek/Farben (Klang/Scape) DE
Pixel (Raster Noton) DK
A Hawk and a Hacksaw (US)
Anne Laplantine (FR/DE)
Monolake (imbalance) DE
Asmus Tietchens (Ritornell, Die Stadt) DE
Hanna Hartman (Elektron, Komplott)
Tore Honore Böe (Purple Soil) N
Contemporary Punk Unit (Ideal Recordings)
Tsukimono (Lady Godiva, Komplott)
Johannes Heldén (Trente Oiseaux)
Tape (Häpna)
David Grubbs (Häpna, Drag City) US
Low Tide Digitals (Rune Grammofon) N
BJ Nielsen (Touch)
Dead Letters Spell out Dead Words (Ideal)
Lasse Marhaug (various)
Son of Clay / Andreas Bertilsson (Komplott)
Txture (DK)
Erik Mikael Karlsson (Fylkingen/INAGRM)
Jacob Kirkegaard (Bottrop-boy, Touch) DK
Kelly Davis (Private) US
Alog (Rune Grammofon) N
Tujiko Noriko (Mego, Tomlab) JP
Erik Levander (Komplott, New Speak)
Francisco Lopez (Mego, Alien8, Staalplaat) S
Andreas Meland (Safe as milk) N
Anders Ilar (Shitkatapult)
Alexander Rishaug (Smalltown supersound) N
Hazard (Touch)
All Spec Kit (Komplott)
Arne Borgan (Private) N
Ronnie Sundin (Häpna, Fällt, Ground Fault)
Deltidseskapism/Bauri (neo ouija, source)
No Source One (Komplott)
Figurera (Komplott) (Komplott)
Henning Lundkvist (Komplott)
Mathias Kristersson
Smyglyssna (Vertical Form)
Dag Are Haugan (Rune Grammofon, Kraak) N
Martin Jarl (konvex konkav, Mitek)
Andreas Tilliander (Mille plateaux)
Mikael Stavöstrand (Mille plateaux)
Folie (Mitek)
Claudia Bonarelli (Mitek, notype)
Artificial Paradises (UK)

Scaniaparken Permanent Soundfeed
Since 2006 a special mix is prepared for the mound by Starfield Simulation / Frans GIllberg.
The selection of sounds and music are all aiming for a site specific resonance with the landscape image and the environmental sounds of wind, water, airplanes, voices etc.. The mix can be heard every day, all year around.[Obsolete information after 2011]

Correspondences / Resonances MIX 2009-2011


1. Quatuor pour la fin du temps - I. Liturgie de cristal / Olivier Messiaen
2. Entre du jardin (L'année dernière à Marienbad, 1961) Edit. / Alain Resnais
3. At Stern, Tokyo Bay_11 Dec 97 / Toshiya Tsunoda
4. Ruckert Lieder: Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen / Gustav Mahler
5. Excerpt '31 - 69 c. 12.17.33-1 from Drift Study (edit) / La Monte Young
6. La mer / Claude Debussy
7. Variation 4 / Evan Parker (w/ Paul Bley, Barre Phillips)
8. 30 Bar Pocket park Sound installation (edit) / Thilo Folkerts Frans Gillberg
9. Flowing Water, Based on Tabulature from Tianwen Ge / Guan Pinghu
10. One + Two + Three Fifths In The Rhythm Three Against Two For Bösendorfer Piano / Charlemagne Palestine
11. Lecture on birds / Olivier Messiaen
12. Hammock / Alvin Lucier
13. Streichquartett Nr. 4 / Giacinto Scelsi
14. Untitled / Sven-Åke Johansson + Axel Dörner + Andrea Neumann
15. 00 [telstar] / Stephan Mathieu
16. Lontano (1967) / György Ligeti
17. Childrens Chorus / Seneca indians (July 23rd, 1913)
18. Low Pressure. Glen Cannich, Inverness-Shire, Scotland / Chris Watson
19. Ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ / JS Bach Performed by Italian Viola Da Gamba Quartet
20. Fisgarmonia / Johan Andrén
21. Music For Marcel Duchamp (1947) / John Cage
22. Ketawang Puspawarna / Javanese Court Gamelan
23. Inamorata / Oren Ambarchi
24. Paus


1. Music on a Long Thin Wire (edit) / Alvin Lucier
2. Sunsets. Breachacha, Island Of Coll, Scotland / Chris Watson
3. Szene am Bach: Andante molto mosso / L v. Beethoven
4. Mojave / O (Mika Vainio)
5. Clocks and Clouds / György Ligeti
6. Gate Of Ivory / James Blackshaw
7. Värnhem / The Radio Dept.
8. Metastasis / Iannis Xenakis
9. 2/2 / Brian Eno
10. Studio per fiati - originale inedito / Luciano Cilio
11. Six Metamorphoses For Solo Oboe / Niobe / Benjamin Britten performed by Robin Williams
12. Orakulum / Sunn O)))
13. Sapientumsuperacquis (Binaural field recording of Venice, edit) / Enrico Coniglio
14. Israel in Egypt, Crystal Palace (june 29, 1888) / G.F Händel / Thomas Edison
15. Quatuor pour la fin du temps - VIII. Louange á l'Immortalité de Jésus / Olivier Messiaen

Curated and produced by Frans Gillberg 2001-2011


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Park History

1991 Designed by landscape architect Jörgen Carlsson for Malmö Stad
1995 Addition of a fire pit due to peoples need of making fires..
1999 Addition of the sound system by Bosse Andersson as public space intervention (playing jazz/pop music)
2002 The first live performances initiated by Frans Gillberg
2004 The first sound installations initiated by Mathias Holmberg and Frans Gillberg (for sound magazine LAIKA)
2006 The first site specific music selection in the permanent soundfeed by Frans Gillberg

The setting, general observations
The Scania Park is an approximately 900 meter long strip along the very edge of the new peninsula of Malmö. The park is narrow consisting of a approximately 75 meter wide lawn with an edge of shrubberies towards the inland and containing geometrically shaped earth volumes. The park lacks any imitation of natural shapes and appears as a sculptural and artificial landscape. The very core of the park, and the secret to be discovered as you conquer the large walking distance (approximately 250-500 meter from parking and housing) is a large earth mound at the peak of the peninsula featuring the hidden sound system. The setting is generally percieved as still, focused and isolated. The mound has the clear gesture of an observatory, enhancing perception in general. Its parabolic shape is collecting distant sounds while shutting out the sounds of the most immediate surroundings. The system is 2x Stereo (LL-RR), each featuring 6 Bose outdoor speakers reproducing a surprising sound. As the speakers are hidden in the grass, the sound appears detached from its reproducing speaker system, more experienced as a part of the site itself.

The Landfill The whole peninsula is a landfill built in different sequences during the last decade. This was paired with the industrial expansion and the needs of the shipbuilding company of Kockums who were in close cooperation with the city of Malmö. Of importance is that this specific territory was filled out as recently as in the 1980s, marking the turn of industrialism. This fact is emblematic to the area and denotes this land as a new experimental territory, an heterotopia which gives symbolic and emotional bias to the experience of the site.

Archive images

Performance 2010

Perfomance 2009

Perfomance 2008

Performance 2007

Sound check / Performance 2006

Performance 2005

Performance 2004 (w/ panning propeller airplanes)

Performance 2003

Performance 2002

Soundcheck 2002

Exerpt from Nisunen/Grönlund installation Cyclone Scale (2007, 23min)

Exerpt from Lina Selander installation (117 av 146 instamaticbilder, 2007, 22 min)

Exerpt from Henrik Rylander installation (Scream Scania Scream, 2006, 18min)

Starfield Simulation

Starfield Simulation is a platform for experimental music and art initiated by Frans Gillberg with Gert Olle Göranssson in 2000.